35 Christmas Treats To Exchange

It’s getting down to the wire and Christmas is right around the corner. I love going to goodie exchange parties, it’s one of my favorite things because of everything new you get to try.  I have put a list of 35 Christmas Treats to Exchange that are sure to be a hit at your next exchange.  

I love trying new treats around the holidays.

To me- it’s always fun to see what people make and what the stories are around the treat that they did make. Some people make Christmas treats because they’re easy and others make treats because it brings back great memories.

A collage with hot fudge cookies and milk, sugar cookies and truffles.Pin

Christmas Treats Exchange Family History

Our family has a tradition that on Christmas Eve we get together and have dinner and dessert.  Dessert consists of a variety of cookies and hot cocoa or coffee.  This tradition has been going on since before I became a part of my husbands family and it’s one I have always loved…mostly.  

You might ask what’s not to love?  Well when I first came into the family it was all the cookie baking at the last minute to get a huge variety of goodies. 

Now as I’ve become more involved in the community I participate in several goodies exchanges.  I’ll be honest this has really helped relieve the stress of making a ton of different cookies for Christmas Eve!

The boys and I get busy in the kitchen and make more of one certain item than I can really count!  This item is used for the season as our exchange item and we use all of the goodies we receive in exchange for our Christmas Eve contribution.  It works out wonders!  This year we are making a ton of these White Chocolate Pretzel Christmas Trees!

Christmas Treats to Exchange

If you are looking for a special “Christmas Treat” to bring to a party or exchange this year, I’ve got you covered.

For all the chocolate lovers out there, these Hot Fudge Homemade Cookies are an amazing choice for a bedtime snack with a warm glass of milk.Pin

Cookie Exchange Ideas

Cookies are one of the most popular treats to be exchanged at Christmas time.  These Cookie Exchange ideas range from your classic butter cookie recipe to a fun twist on the family favorite gingersnaps.  

This unique recipe is my moms, and is the best peanut brittle recipe you will ever make.Pin

Christmas Candy Ideas

It’s hard not to have Christmas candy as your first thought when you think of a Christmas Goodie Exchange and these Christmas Candy recipes won’t disappoint! 

The delicious combination of chocolate, Graham crackers and marshmallow makes this S'mores Fudge a new recipe to include in your candy making this year! - Teaspoon Of GoodnessPin

Christmas Fudge Recipes

Fudge is the iconic Christmas candy and deserved it’s own category in this huge list of Christmas treats for your next exchange.  


Pretzels drizzled with white chocolate that are decorated like Christmas Trees with sprinkles and a star on top.Pin

Christmas Treat Recipes

When it comes to Christmas exchange ideas the Christmas treat recipes below will leave your guests wowed at your outside the box thinking. 

The combination of chocolate, pecans and caramel make this decadent Turtle Fudge Brownie Recipe an over the top mix of goodness everyone will enjoy. - Teaspoon Of GoodnessPin

Christmas Brownie Recipes

It’s near impossible to pass up a good brownie and it’s why they are quickly becoming a decadent chocolate bite of heaven found on a goodie platter.