Triple Chunk Honey Pecan Cookies

Triple Chunk Pecan Cookies stacked on a wooden background

Making pecan cookies is one of my favorite things to do. Honey and pecan mixed together to create these Triple Chunk Honey Pecan Cookies truly give an added flavor to your homemade cookie experience. I’m always on the search for the best pecan cookie recipe to make for guests and my family, so I decided …

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Apple Cheesecake Bar Recipe

Apple cheesecake bars on a white platter with milk.

There’s nothing tastier than a delicious cheesecake treat. Whether you’re looking to use up the apples from apple picking or simply craving an apple cheesecake bar made from scratch, you’re sure to love these apple bars. To make Apple Cheesecake Bars you will need the following ingredients: Pink Lady or Gala apples, softened cream cheese, …

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My Families Best Cookie Decorating Icing

A snowman sugar cookie decorated in white with sprinkles using our families favorite sugar cookie frosting.

It’s that time of year again, where many will be looking for the best icing for decorating cookies. I’m pleased to say that I have mastered this sugar cookie icing without milk recipe so that you can decorate easy sugar cookies with your kids. This time of year so many families grab up some recipes …

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Soft and Simple Granola Bar Recipe + Printable

Homemade granola bar with M&M's & chocolate chips.

Granola bars get a bad rep. Heck even I gave them a bad rap for years. It’s hard not to love them though because they are convenient and cheap! With this DIY granola bar recipe, you’ll soon find that this snack option can be created healthier than your average store-bought snacks. I love that you …

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Salted Caramel Apple Cookie Recipe

Salted caramel apple cookies on a plate with Milk in the background

Your favorite fall flavors like cinnamon sugar apples and salted caramel morsels, in a cookie! These cookies embody fall with every bite.  Sweet, cakey cookies filled with cinnamon sugar apples and salted caramel morsels.  Yes. I promise you.   After one bite of these salted caramel apple cookies you’ll have a new fall favorite treat. …

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Snickerdoodle Cookie With A Fun Maple Twist

There’s nothing better than a good snickerdoodle cookie that you can enjoy all year round. While I usually think of looking up an easy snickerdoodle recipe during the holiday season, the reality is these cookies make a delicious dessert option all year round. The maple chips added into my snickerdoodle recipe helps take the old …

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Take Your Favorite Cornflake No Bake Treats To The Next Level

Nutella cornflake no bake treats with Nutella in the background.

If you’re looking for dessert recipes made with nutella, then you’ve come to the right place. These Nutella Cornflake No Bake Treats are easy to make and delicious for the whole family. Learning how to make no bake treats is an easy way to ensure that you’re making fun at home snack ideas without the hassle …

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Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores

3 chocolate chip s'more cookies on a stripped table cloth

During the summer season, all I can think about is making s’mores. They are one of the best treats when you’re out camping or having a backyard campfire. Sometimes, though, you simply want to have that s’more taste without the fire. Today I have the perfect recipe to cure your s’more cravings, without having to …

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4th of July No Bake Treat

Red, white and blue colors. Blue plate with energy bites on it

This is the perfect addition to any 4th of July party this summer season. Delicious and quick to eat up, this 4th of July no bake treat recipe will surely give you a picker upper to handle the chaos of kids running around and guests to entertain. This is an easy to make recipe idea …

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Lemon Cookie Recipe

3 Lemon cookies with a lemon and sugar bowl in the background.

Anyone else love lemon cookies as much as me? I have the simplest lemon cookie recipe that tastes amazing.   One of my favorite cookies is lemon cookies. Well lemon cookies and my Grandma’s Easy Sugar Cookies. When I make them, I really need to make a large batch because these cookies disappear fast. For …

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