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How to Store Homemade Bread

Who doesn’t love making homemade bread? The delicious odor it gives off in your kitchen when it is cooling off, the satisfaction of making it look, smell, and taste delicious. The praise from people who try it as they commend how much nicer it is than store-bought bread. You can’t go wrong. However, there is …

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How To Cut A Watermelon

How to cut a watermelon

When it comes to the hot summer season, there is nothing better than having some slices of cold watermelon, straight out of the refrigerator. Watermelons are naturally hydrating and contain a lot of water, making them perfect for keeping up the energy during hot weather, plus, they are sweet and delicious. Perfect for dessert or …

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Salsa Verde Baked Pork Chops

Pork Chops, Avocado, and salad on a white plate with a fork on the right side

If you’re looking for a keto-friendly dinner idea, then this salsa verde baked pork chops is the perfect match. With added spice for a hot kick, these Baked Pork Chops will be the perfect dinner idea for any night of the week.  Easy baked pork chops are my go-to when I’ve had a busy day …

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Best Blender For Acai Bowl

Best Blender For Acai Bowl

Originating in Brazil, an Acai bowl is essentially a smoothie bowl traditionally made out of frozen acai berries and other fruit blended together. Topped with a variety of fresh fruit, granola, seeds, nuts, peanut butter, the acai bowl is incredibly versatile and open to interpretation. Not only this, but it is also packed full of …

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Best Blender for Ice

Best Blender for Ice

Choosing a blender is a relatively simple process. Especially if you will only need it for the odd smoothie or soup. Even the cheapest and least powerful blender will be able to blend most fruits and vegetables.  But, when it comes to finding a blender that can easily break up ice, things get a little …

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Best Blender for Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are a great way of getting your ration of proteins and nutrients while avoiding the unnecessary extra calories. That is why they’re so popular amongst body-builders, athletes, and those that are on a weight-loss journey or working out in a fitness program of some sort. They can also taste pretty good, and can …

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