Super Moist Banana Bread Muffins

A banana muffin sitting on top of the wrapper with 3 more muffins in the background.

Making your own banana bread muffins is a healthier alternative to using box mixes, and besides, they taste better and you can keep them frozen for quick access later on. These moist banana muffins are simple to make and allow you to have a quick breakfast option for anyone in the family. I personally love …

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Ham and Swiss Sliders with Hawaiian Bread

Ham and cheese slider on a poppy seed bun.

There’s just something magical about the flavorful mix of ham and swiss cheese sliders. I love being able to make these ham & cheese sliders for lunch when the family is home on the weekends. I admittedly enjoy having these Hawaiian ham & cheese sliders as a quick dinner option too, when the day was …

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Ultimate Snacking Last Minute Party Ideas

Collage saying the ultimate list of finger food with a corn and bacon salad in the background and a baguette.

Have you ever found yourself about to host a party with no time to prepare? We’ve all had last minute guests, or an impromptu celebration that required some last minute party ideas for snacks.   Whether you have a few days or just a few hours, we have a great list of amazing ideas to help you …

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Stuffed Celery Sticks That Look Like Rudolph

Nutella and peanut butter celery sticks with pretzels as horns, candy eyes and a cranberry for Rudolph's nose.

The Christmas season is packed with parties and that usually means junk food.  Be the mom who brings a fun Christmas treat for school this year that doesn’t leave the kids wired! It’s easy to get overwhelmed with Christmas parties this time of year!. These Nutella and peanut butter stuffed celery sticks are here for …

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Soft and Simple Granola Bar Recipe + Printable

Homemade granola bar with M&M's & chocolate chips.

Granola bars get a bad rep. Heck even I gave them a bad rap for years. It’s hard not to love them though because they are convenient and cheap! With this DIY granola bar recipe, you’ll soon find that this snack option can be created healthier than your average store-bought snacks. I love that you …

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Have an abundance of pumpkin seeds? I have you covered!

This post for Cinnamon & Sugar Roasted Pumpkin Seeds was originally posted on my sister site Farmer’s Wife Rambles. Have you ever tried anything like these pumpkin seeds? I’m excited to show you how I make these Cinnamon & Sugar Pumpkin Seeds for my family. It’s very simple and a recipe you can add to …

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Lemon Cookie Recipe

3 Lemon cookies with a lemon and sugar bowl in the background.

Anyone else love lemon cookies as much as me? I have the simplest lemon cookie recipe that tastes amazing.   One of my favorite cookies is lemon cookies. Well lemon cookies and my Grandma’s Easy Sugar Cookies. When I make them, I really need to make a large batch because these cookies disappear fast. For …

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Homemade Chocolate Candy Hearts

homemade chocolate candy hearts with sprinkles

When you think of Valentine’s Day, two things come to mind. Love, of course, and CANDY! What better time to make homemade chocolate candy hearts? I love making homemade treats to give out on Valentine’s Day. Instead of paying a fortune for a little box of candy, I love to take a little time and …

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Hot Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Recipe

Hot chocolate dipped pretzel rod recipe

I am so excited to share this Hot Chocolate Dipped Pretzel recipe. I can tell you that it will become a family favorite in no time. As the winter gets colder, the kids and I start looking forward to having hot chocolate. Sitting around together, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, and making memories is …

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