Best Cold Press Juicer

It can be difficult and time-consuming to eat your five a day when you work long hours and lead a busy life.

Without eating enough fruits and vegetables, you’re at higher risk of becoming deficient in vitamins and minerals and developing a wealth of health issues including diabetes and digestive problems.

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If you have limited time on your hands, yet need a simple solution for incorporating more fruit and greens into your daily life, a cold press juicer is a game-changer. 

Keep reading to find out more.

Best Cold Press Juicers

Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold Centrifugal Juicer

Breville Juice Fountain Cold BJE430SIL, SilverPin

The Breville BJe430SIL Juice Fountain Cold Centrifugal Juicer is perfect for mess-free juicing straight into a glass!

This juicer features an 850-watt motor that processes even the toughest fruits and vegetables in just seconds!

The cold press juicer has two speeds that you can alternate between, 13,000RPM or 6,500RPM, for hard and soft fruits and vegetables. 


  • LED Display – The juicer machine’s display illuminates if the motor has stopped due to overloading.
  • Dishwasher safe – Clean up couldn’t be easier, as this cold press juicer features a juicer cover, stainless steel filter bowl, purée disc, and juice jug that are all safe to go into your dishwasher.
  • Extra wide 3-inch feeder chute – Accommodates large chunks or entire pieces of fruit or vegetables, eliminating the need for chopping vegetables


  • A few customers claimed that this particular juicer took longer than they were expecting to arrive in the post.

Breville Juice Fountain Cold BJE430SIL, Silver
  • The Breville Juice Fountain Cold is a high performance juicer with an innovative cold extraction system that can provide a super sized 70fl oz of juice goodness; The 850 watt motor processes even the toughest fruits and vegetables in just seconds.Safety Locking Arm : An Interlocking Safety Arm stops juicer operating without cover locked into place.
  • Cold Extraction System: A Breville juicer with Cold Spin Technology and an Italian-made precision mesh filter, allows you to avoid damage to vitamins and minerals from heat and processing
  • Short Prep Time: The juicers unique 3 inch extra wide chute feed allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting
  • Extra Large Seal and Store: Juice and seal in a XL 70 fl oz jug for the whole family or store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days
  • LED Display: The juicer machines display illuminates if the motor has stopped due to overloading; This is a preventative feature to ensure safe use and ensure motor longevity

Slow Juicer, Aeitto Masticating Juicer, Juice Extractor, Cold Press Juicer

Aeitto Juicer Machines, Quiet Motor Juicer, Cold Press Juicer, Masticating Juicer, Celery Juicers, with Triple Modes,Reverse Function,Easy to Clean with Brush, Recipe for Vegetables And Fruits, BlackPin

The Aeitto Masticating Juicer is designed to provide the purest, nutritious juice for you and your family.

This cold press juicer features 2 masticating speeds that achieve a higher juicer yield from a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

The Aeitto Masticating Juicer efficiently separates the juice from the pulp and features a handy reverse function to prevent the appliance from getting stuck with fruit and pulp.


  • Quiet operation – This cold press juicer operates at less than 60 decibels so that you can use it first thing in the morning without having to disturb your household!
  • Easy to clean – The parts of this juicer are dishwasher safe, making the clean up process hassle-free.
  • One button disassembly – This cold press juicer disassembles at the touch of a single button making it incredibly user-friendly. It couldn’t be simpler for a juicer novice!


  • One customer noted that this particular juicer sometimes had difficulty juicing harder fruits.

Aeitto Juicer Machines, Quiet Motor Juicer, Cold Press Juicer, Masticating Juicer, Celery Juicers, with Triple Modes,Reverse Function,Easy to Clean with Brush, Recipe for Vegetables And Fruits, Black
  • 🥦【Triple-Mode】-This Aeitto slow masticating juicer machines with 3-mode can extract various vegetables and fruits. ★“SOFE MODE(85-100RPM)”:orange, watermelon, grape, berryetc. ★“HARD MODE (95-110RPM)”: apple, pear, carrot, beets, celery, ginger, kale etc. It will better extract high-purity juice and reduce the rate of oxidation. ★Also,Juice Extractor Machines has reverse function to avoid stuck.You can taste delicious juice more easily.
  • 🍊【Upgraded Auger & Quiet Operation】-The upgraded auger of the Aeitto Juicer Machines can better increase juicer yield, and the juice can retain more abundant nutrients and reduce oxidation.The motor operates less than 60 decibels.It stop automatically for every 20 minutes' operation.
  • 🍓【Easy to Disassemble & Clean】-The one-button disassembly design eliminates the trouble of complicated disassembly.And Aeitto juicers is equipped with a cleaning brush to make the juicers cleaner easier.The parts are dishwasher safe.
  • 🍏【Juice & Pulp Separation and Reverse Function】-Perfectly separates the pomace from the juice,provide purest juice and vitamins for you and your family! Aeitto Cold Press Juicer provides you with a safer and quieter juice extraction environment.
  • 🍇【Aeitto Warranty Service】-We provide 12 months warranty services for the slow masticating jucier, please feel free to contact us if products have any problems. We promise to solve the problem for you.Aeitto specializes in providing buyers with high-quality small appliance products and best user experiences. ★ Accessories available for purchase.

MegaWise Slow Masticating Juicer

MegaWise Pro Slow Masticating Juicer 95% Juice Yield | 2| 2 Speed Modes 9 Segment Spiral Cold Press Extractor Machine for Vegetables, Fruits, and nuts | Better Nutrition & Tastes BetterPin

The MegaWise Slow Masticating Juicer is designed to be easy to assemble, allowing you to start juicing within a matter of minutes!

This cold press juicer runs on two modes: Soft and Hard. Soft mode runs from 50 to 60 RPM for soft fruits and vegetables like watermelon, orange, grape, celery, while Hard runs from 100 to 110 RPM for hard fruits like apple, pear, carrot, beets, ginger, and kale.

This cold press juicer is quieter, which can be as low as 50 decibels! This means that you can conveniently juice before you head to work in the morning without disturbing your household.


  • Easy to clean – All detachable parts are made of high-quality BPA-free material and are dishwasher-safe, making the clean up process a breeze!
  • Reverse function –  This juicer features a reverse function that spins in the opposite direction to release ingredients, helping to clean the machine and prevent clogging.
  • One button disassembly – This cold press juicer is incredibly user-friendly, at the touch of a button it disassembles and is ready to be cleaned.


  • One customer noted that they had trouble disassembling this particular cold press juicer.

MegaWise Pro Slow Masticating Juicer 95% Juice Yield | 2| 2 Speed Modes 9 Segment Spiral Cold Press Extractor Machine for Vegetables, Fruits, and nuts | Better Nutrition & Tastes Better
  • 🍎Mega Juice Yield 🍎 Using a unique 9 segment spiral system and an advanced filter, this juicer fully squeezes the fruits to extract more live enzymes without breaking the cells. It yields up to 95% of juice while retaining maximum percentage of freshness and taste.
  • 🍎Mega Nutrition🍎 At “SOFT” mode, this juicer works best to preserve the original taste and nutrients from soft fruits and vegetables at 50- 60 RPM; while at "HARD" mode, it works best for hard fruits. Compared with other slow juicers, this machine has less heat and oxidization effect, thus preserving more vitamins, enzymes, and other nutrients. The juice from this machine can stay fresh up to 72 hours in the fridge
  • 🍎Mega Easy-Setup and Clean🍎 Easy to Assemble Design lets you assemble or disassemble in effortlessly. Made with high quality BPA-free materials, the machine is also easy to wash and clean with a complimentary brush included.
  • 🍎Mega Performance 🍎With a large chute, bigger fruit pieces can be dropped in to get squeezed by the powerful drum at extremely low noise.
  • 🍎Mega Warranty🍎You can register the product to enjoy Full-Replacement Guarantee for free. We treat you like family and so we want you to be 100% happy! Any question, just reach out our 7*24 on-call chatting and our wonderful people will be there for you.

Slow Juicer, AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Professional Machine with Quiet Motor/Reverse Function

AMZCHEF Juicer Machines - Cold Press Slow Juicer - Masticating Juicer whole Fruit and Vegetable - Delicate Chew No Need to Filter - BPA Free Juice Extractor with 2 Cups and Brush - Light BeigePin

The AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is built for masticating for maximum juice yield and reserving more nutrients.

This cold press juicer uses a low-speed motor and fine grinding which best retains the nutritional value of your fruits, veggies, and greens. 

The AMZCHEF juicer has a reverse function to help prevent fruit and veggies from getting stuck and aids the clean-up process. 


  • BPA-free parts – All detachable parts are made of high-quality food-grade anti-oxidation materials (BPA-free), so your juice isn’t affected by any chemicals.
  • Retains more nutrients – This juicer effectively separates the juice from the pulp with slow speed in a few minutes, such as extracting gingers, celery, wheatgrass, oranges, and other fibrous fruits and vegetables.
  • Easy to clean – The one-button disassembly makes this juicer incredibly easy to clean and maintain for your convenience! 


  • One customer noted that they had trouble getting through to the customer service for this particular cold press juicer.

AMZCHEF Juicer Machines - Cold Press Slow Juicer - Masticating Juicer whole Fruit and Vegetable - Delicate Chew No Need to Filter - BPA Free Juice Extractor with 2 Cups and Brush - Light Beige
  • 🍎【Multi-purpose for Fruits & Veggies,Upgrade Spiral System】AMZCHEF slow juicer with 7 spiral masticating for maximum juice yield, minimal oxidation, reserved most nutrition.It can make various health foods for your family.No dirty hands and no splashing. Only a few seconds, you can drink a cup of juice with little pulp and foam when you used our AMZCHEF slow masticating juicer .Easy to enjoy different flavor juices every day with AMZCHEF cold press juicer machines.
  • 🎁【1 Juicer Machine for 3 uses】Innovatively changing the single-purpose traditional juicer.AMZCHEF juicer does not only can work as a juicer but also can work as a meat grinder or slicer shredder.One machine with multiple functions,transform your juicer into a versatile kitchen appliance.Simply insert it to the attachment hub of any AMZCHEF juicer.Time to preparing Thanksgiving or Christmas Gifts for your family or for people who you care.Search ”B095C57WHN/B095C3G4CV” to learn more about it!
  • 🍑【Small Caliber Juicer Extractor】AMZCHEF cold press juicer with small feeder chute allows you can remove the seeds when you cytting the fruit to reduce the bitter taste, ensure the ingredients are stoned and peeled for healthier juice.It can make the juice tastes better. At the same time, juicer can prevent children from bring injured during juicing. This humanized design can let you and your whole family make each other's favorite juice with AMZCHEF juicers together every moring.
  • 🍋【Intelligent Protection Chips,Easy to Assemble】Juicers equipped intelligent protection chips,making it stop automatically for every 20mins' operation.Reverse function to avoid stuck and helps to clean.All detachable parts are made of high quality food grade anti-oxidation materials,It's not resistant to strong acids, please avoid continually extracting plenty of lemons in once or soak and clean immediately after using slow juicer.Easy clean with brush,can be safely cleaned in dishwasher.
  • 🌈【AMZCHEF Juice Extractor Warranty and Service】 We want you to feel safe with your purchase,That's why we stand behing our AMZCHEF juciers machines by offering you lifelong technical support and customer service after-sale guarantee.If you have any issues about the slow juicer, please contact us first, we will give you the best solution as soon as possible. AMZCHEF slow masticating juicer machines is definitely your best choice and let us cheer for health!

ORFELD Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor 

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The ORFELD Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor features a housing that is made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean.

This cold press juicer provides a higher juice yield and ensures that more of the nutrients of your fruits and vegetables are retained, meaning that you get the most out of your fresh produce!

Operating at 65 decibels, you can prepare your morning juice without having to disturb your family.


  • Dishwasher safe – All detachable parts are dishwasher safe. You can also clean all parts easily with the attached special long brush.
  • 1-year-warranty – The warranty provides you with peace of mind and covers you should your juicer break sooner than anticipated.
  • Reverse function – The reverse function can reduce the food residue in the crushed juicer and avoid clogging.


  • One customer claimed that they thought this cold press juicer would benefit from a wider chute.

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Buyer’s Guide

There are a couple of factors to consider when purchasing a cold press juicer, but it mainly comes down to cleaning and maintenance, durability, and RPM. 

You will want to ensure that you are investing in a good-quality cold press juicer. This will make your life significantly easier when it comes to juicing hard fruit, such as apples, and will be more convenient if you don’t have to waste time cutting up the fruit beforehand.

Check out the factors below before going ahead with your purchase.

Cleaning and maintenance 

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a cold press juicer is how convenient it is to clean and maintain.

You might not initially think of this as an essential, but you will want to purchase a cold press juicer that is easy to clean as the less convenient it is to clean the less you are likely to use it.  

As an appliance that deals with separating sticky fruit juice from fruit and pulp, you will need to make sure that you clean your juicer after every use.

This will ensure that it is clean and ready to go the next time that you wish to use it, and will also ensure that the cold press juicer lasts for as long as possible.

If you don’t clean your juicer properly after every use, the quality of the appliance will begin to deteriorate and you’ll be left with a machine that eventually starts to go moldy!

If you already live a busy lifestyle, you won’t want to waste hours of time cleaning one appliance. That being said, you should make sure you get a low-maintenance juicer that is hassle-free to clean.

Although a lot of juicers are marketed as ‘easy to clean’, how convenient it is to clean will be determined by your preferred method of cleaning.

Whether you prefer to hand wash your dishes or prefer to place them in the dishwasher, make sure that the juicer is safe to clean in your preferred method before buying it.

You ideally want a juicer that compliments your lifestyle, not one that hinders it, so always make sure that you buy one that is easy to clean.


An important factor that you’ll need to bear in mind when buying a cold press juicer is durability.

As a product that you’re buying to incorporate more healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet, you’ll want your cold press juicer to be able to withstand the test of time.

A good indication of whether a product is durable or not is to check the product reviews section. Here, customers can leave feedback, good or bad, that provides you with a better understanding of a product.

If someone has experienced any issues with the product that you’re looking to purchase, it is likely that they’ll warn you in the product review section.

Additionally, the product reviews section can also reveal a lot about a brand’s customer service. Although problems occur that are often not the company’s fault, such as a product being damaged in transit, the way that they work to fix the issue for the customer says a lot about a brand.

Make sure that you do your own research and that you’re happy with the product reviews before going ahead with your purchase. 


An important factor to consider when purchasing a cold press juicer is the RPM (rotations per minute). Cold press juicing at low speeds of 80 RPM minimizes heat build-up and oxidation.

This elimination of heat can give you up to five times more nutrients and enzymes, allowing you to retain more of the goodness of the fruit in the juicing process.

This ensures that you get the most out of your fresh produce and that the juice contains the right nutrients for optimum health.

This is in contrast to the fast juicers which usually employ centrifugal juicing technology and rotate at over 1,000 RPM, reaching 16,000 RPM or more. 

That being said, it is important to note that cold press juicers tend to produce more pulp, so this is something to take into consideration. 


You will need to consider the capacity of the cold press juicer. Have a think about the size of your family, and how many people you are likely to be juicing for on a regular basis.

The size of the juice container usually reveals the capacity of the juicer. A small-capacity juicer has a juice container that can hold only 1-2 cups.

From this information, you should be able to determine the capacity of the juicer if the product information doesn’t specify its capacity.

You will also need to consider the manufacturer’s suggestion if the manual asks for a break every ten minutes because of the capacity of the juicer.

Do not try to force your appliance to do more than it is capable of, as you will risk breaking the cold press juicer.

Noise level 

Another factor to consider is the noise level of the juicer that you invest in. If you know that you’re mainly going to be juicing in the morning before you head off to work, you won’t want a juicer that is going to wake up your family or disturb your neighbors.

That being said, you should choose a juicer that is 60 decibels or below so that you can use it without disturbing your neighbors or sleeping family.

Even if you don’t have neighbors nearby, it can still be very detrimental to your hearing to have a loud juicer and it’s generally less convenient if you are limited by the times that you can use it.

You could even find yourself giving up juicing altogether if it doesn’t compliment your lifestyle and fit into your routine.

To get the most out of your purchase, always research the noise level of the cold press juicer and make sure that you are happy before clicking ‘buy’.

Safety features 

Another thing to keep in mind is whether your cold press juicer comes with any safety features. 

If you have small children around, you might find that you benefit from a juicer with a smaller chute that decreases the likelihood of an accident from occurring.

Alongside this, some juicers feature a locking arm to ensure that the juicer will not operate without the juicer cover in place.

This feature works to safely lock the arm in place in the vertical operating position, making sure that there is less of a chance of you making a mess when you’re juicing and helps to prevent an accident from happening, too. 


Another important factor to take into account is the warranty. You should always check the warranty of a product before purchasing it, especially if you plan to be using it on a regular basis. 

If you’re buying a juicer to incorporate more nutrients into your daily life, you will need it to withstand the test of time. A huge part of making sure you get the most out of your juicer is through being covered should anything go wrong with your product sooner than anticipated.

A standard warranty tends to last for one year but this can vary between manufacturers. It is also worth noting that warranties can become void if the seller has not been authorized by the manufacturer, so it is always worth researching before you commit to buying a juicer.

To avoid disappointment, always make sure that you’re happy with the warranty before making your purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a juicer and a cold press juicer?

Centrifugal juicers typically utilize a fast-spinning metal blade that spins against a mesh filter, separating juice from flesh via centrifugal force.

The problem with centrifugal juicers is that the fast-spinning metal blade generates heat, which destroys some of the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables you’re juicing and oxidizes the nutrients.

A cold press juicer presses the fruits and vegetables until they cannot be pressed anymore, creating as much juice as possible and keeping the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact.

Due to the fact that no heat is produced, all living enzymes are saved which is the best for optimum health.

What are the benefits of cold press juicers? 

There are a variety of health benefits associated with cold press juicers. Namely, cold press juicers allow you to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet and can therefore work to help boost your immune system. 

Secondly, cold press juicers retain more of the nutrients that are lost when you use a centrifugal juicer. In fact, they can retain up to five times more nutrients than centrifugal juicers. That being said, if you’re buying a juicer for health benefits, this is something to keep in mind.

Juicing can also help to remove toxins from your body, promotes good digestion, and can help you lose weight.

Additionally, investing in a cold press juicer is great if you live a busy lifestyle on the go or simply don’t enjoy eating greens. Simply pair leafy greens with your favorite fruits, such as apples, and you won’t be able to taste them!