How to Store Homemade Bread

Who doesn’t love making homemade bread? The delicious odor it gives off in your kitchen when it is cooling off, the satisfaction of making it look, smell, and taste delicious. The praise from people who try it as they commend how much nicer it is than store-bought bread. You can’t go wrong. However, there is …

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How to Store Cauliflower

How to store cauliflower

Cauliflower is a delicious, fibrous vegetable that is very versatile. From delicious cauliflower curry to comforting cauliflower cheese, and even to the recent popularity of cauliflower rice, it is certainly a vegetable that has gathered many fans. To look at, it is similar to cabbage. In fact, its name in Latin translates to ‘flower of …

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How to Store Baked Potatoes

how to store baked potato

When it comes to starting baked potatoes, you will need to make sure that you follow the proper methods of doing so, as this will ensure that you are keeping the food safe to eat. They will need to be properly packaged and stored at the necessary temperatures so that they don’t go off or …

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How to Store Apple Pie

How to store apple pie

Whether you have a cooked or uncooked apple pie, you are probably wondering how you are supposed to store it correctly in order to keep it from going bad. Thankfully, there are lots of different ways of storing apple pie, and we are going to talk you through them in your article. Nobody wants to …

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How to Store Avocados


We all love avocado, don’t we? Whether we are spreading it across toast, cooling down our chili, or slicing it on a salad, it has become a staple in kitchens across the country.  We all know how challenging it can be eating an avocado before it goes bad; it’s an art many of us are …

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How to Store Broccoli

How to Store Broccoli

Broccoli is another form of the vegetable cabbage and is native to the northern Mediterranean. Nowadays, the global production of broccoli totals over 30 million tonnes a year with India and China being the main contributors to this total. Despite its popularity, though there is still a big divide between those who really love it …

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How to Store a Cut Onion


Onions are one of the most versatile cooking ingredients that you can get, and they are used for a wide variety of dishes, which is why it is always handy to have some in your kitchen for when you need them. Lots of different recipes can be improved with a little bit of onion, or …

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How to Store Basil

How to Store Basil

Basil is great. Not only does it provide seasoning for many different dishes, but it is tasty too. While dried basil is great, nothing beats fresh basil added to a pasta dish! If you have recently purchased basil, you may be wondering what the best way is to store it. There are a few different …

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How To Store Brussels Sprouts

How to store brussel sprouts

Brussels sprouts. The unsung hero of a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and the most underappreciated vegetable of many a roasted dish. Once boiled beyond redemption and served sitting in a puddle of its own sogginess, you’ll now find a hundred different recipes for Brussels sprouts that see them roasted, fried, or shaved straight into a …

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