Weekly Menu Plan – Week 3

Meal planning is known for making life easier and saving money. Some people aren’t sure what to make each week. Meal planning takes the guess work out of making dinner each night.Need a weekly meal plan? I can’t wait to share this weekly meal plan with you.

The oldest boys eat breakfast at school 4 days a week so I generally plan the same thing for breakfast for Colsen and I on those days. Most weeks I make something in bulk and portion it out in the fridge for 4 days worth. This works wonders and makes for a laid back morning or I can quickly have it ready on busy days.

Weekly menu plan featuring 5 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts, dessert and a snack.  Pin

I generally only plan 2 lunches for the week as most days are leftovers. If we run out of leftovers I always have sandwich fixings ready to go. I also tend to cook for an army so even though we eat leftovers often I still tuck a lot into the freezer. I really like these freezer containers and own them in 8 ounce, 12 ounce and 16 ounce sizes. The 12 ounce is my favorite size though and I would start there.

I generally have one or two major snacks for the week and then fill in with fresh fruits and veggies. This makes it easy to incorporate these snacks and veggies into my weekly meal plan.

Weekly Meal Plan #3


French toast with strawberry sauce

Breakfast burritos with homemade flour tortillas



Copycat Wendy’s chili


Easy chicken Parmesan

One pan chicken burrito bowl

One pan baked chicken dinner

Slow cooker green beans, sausage and potatoes

Beef meatballs from the freezer

Slow cooker potato soup

Snack of the Week

Experimenting with a variety of puppy chow recipes

Dessert of the Week

Macadamia nut Easter candy bark

Benefits of Meal Planning

Besides knowing what to buy at the grocery store, there are many benefits to making a weekly meal plan.

  1. Save Money- When you have the meals planned out, you buy less when you go to the grocery store. You know exactly what you need to make each meal. It helps from having to make daily runs to the store.
  2. Save More Money- When you meal plan, you also save money by shopping the sales. Look to see what is on sale and then plan meals around it. For example, if hamburger is on sale, buy a large amount and make 2 hamburger dishes.
  3. Saves Time- When you know exactly what you are going to make each night, it saves time from having look to see what you have in order to decide on dinner.
  4. Stay Organized- Meal planning can be done for the week or for the month. You are able to see at a glance what you are making and that lets you know how much time you need each day to cook.

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