Mixed Berry Smoothie with Kale

We love smoothies and this Mixed Berry Smoothie is a perfect on-the-go breakfast or even special healthier dessert option. Smoothies like this and our Triple Berry Smoothie with Spinach are idea for getting your kids to eat healthier without a fuss. They love simple fruit sweetened flavors, and it will make you as parent feel better about sharing …

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Copycat Caramel Macchiato Recipe

No more $5 coffee for you! Make this simple, yet delicious recipe for a great caramelflavored coffee in the comfort of your own home. This Caramel Macchiato Recipe will remind you of your favorite coffee shop version! Flavored coffee isn’t just for breakfast or your afternoon pick me up. This caramelmacchiato recipe is a great …

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Pumpkin Spice Syrup Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Syrup - Teaspoon Of Goodness

It is the season of pumpkin and this Pumpkin Spice Syrup Recipe is an amazing addition to your Saturday morning pancake and waffle breakfasts. This simply spiced delicious syrup will be a perfect compliment to your classic buttermilk pancakes. Since everyone loves the flavors of pumpkin, this pumpkin spice pancake syrup was a great choice to make and …

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Strawberry Mint Lemonade

Strawberry Mint Lemonade

I can’t say enough how much I am not ready for the heat this summer is bringing.  It seems too early to be this hot!  My husband does assure me though that July and August are not supposed to be as bad as usual because of the weather patterns.  I hope he is right! The …

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Copycat Cinnamon Roll Frap

Starbucks Copycat Cinnamon Roll Frap

My goodness, it has been extremely HOT around my neck of the woods.  I know I’m not the only one complaining of the heat as we have already had several days in the 90’s. I know to many that doesn’t seem like much, but I would guess that we rarely have 10 summer days were we …

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