Using Wine in Your Home Cooking

Some people like to drink wine when they are cooking, others like use wine in the actual meal. There are many ways that you can cook with wine, but it is important that you know how to do it properly to avoid ruining your meal. Wine can add some amazing flavors to your meal and your guests are likely to be very impressed with what you have managed to achieve.

Wine bottle sitting on the counter to be used for baking and cooking. Pin

Cooking with wine does not have to be as expensive as you may think. Feel free to use up your cheaper wine for this type of cooking and make sure that all of your wine investment stays safely stored in a wine vault. The storage company Octavian Vaults emphasizes on their site how wine that is stored in perfect conditions will increase in value, so if you have some fine wine that you don’t want to use in cooking, consider storing it instead.

Cooking with wine is also a great way of using up the rest of that bottle that you couldn’t quite get through before it needs to be thrown out! Keep reading if you’d like to get some tips on how to cook with wine in your recipes.

Using Wine in Marinades

If you’re a fan of marinating your meat, you’ll love what some wine can do to really add to the flavor. Wine can help to keep the poultry or meat moist when marinating which will impact the overall taste and texture of your meal! The acidic ingredients which help to make the meat even more enjoyable!

Using Wine in Baking

You may fancy yourself as an experienced baker, but did you know that you can use wine in your baking? Add some wine or sherry to your cake in place of the fat and you’ll love how light your cake feels. The wine itself will also flavor the cake so you’ll get to experience a new type of baking. This is something that we strongly recommend, so take a look at our baking recipes and see what you can do.

Choose the Right Wine

It is important that you don’t just add any old wine to what you are currently cooking. You’ll need to do some research and find out which type of wine goes best with what you are making to ensure that you don’t completely ruin the natural flavors of your dish.

It’s safe to say that darker wines go better with darker meats like beef whereas you should add lighter wines to poultry and fish. These rules are not absolute so why not test out some things and see what sort of creations you can come up with?

You’ll also need to think about the sweetness of the wine which will directly affect the finished product. Dryer wines will have less natural sugar, but the sweet wines are likely to sweeten your dish due to the natural sugar from the grapes. Feel free to taste the wine before you add it to check what sort of sweetness it has. You’ll love it when you discover the art of adding wine to your cooking and everyone who eats your meals will be very impressed with the new flavors that you have been producing!