How To Cut A Kiwi

How to cut a kiwi Pin

Kiwi fruits are delicious and refreshing, whether eaten alone, blended into a smoothie, or even chopped up for a fruit salad.

However, if you have never cut one before, you may well be wondering what on earth you do with it. I mean, the skin is fuzzy and does not exactly look appealing. 

Fear not my friends, because, in this article, we are going to be showing you exactly how to cut a kiwi. There are different methods that can be utilized when cutting up this fuzzy-skinned fruit, and even different methods of eating it. 

So, if you have some kiwi fruits sitting in your fruit bowl or in your refrigerator, and you haven’t got the faintest idea how to cut it up and eat it, then this is the article for you. 

How do you cut a kiwi? 

There are many methods you can use to cut a kiwi. It all depends on how you like to eat a kiwi fruit. We will be exploring all of the methods in this section of the article. 

One of the easiest ways to cut and eat a kiwi fruit (and one of our personal favorites) takes less than a few seconds and requires a spoon as well as a knife. 

Simply grab your ripe kiwi fruit. Slice the kiwi fruit in the middle so you are left with equal halves. 

Grab a small spoon (a teaspoon works well, as does a grapefruit spoon) and scoop the kiwi out of its skin. 

You can do this as you go along, in the same way as you would eat a boiled egg that has been left in its shell. Alternatively, you could scoop the whole of the kiwi out of each half and then cut that up.

This is the best method of cutting and eating a kiwi fruit at home for a quick snack. As well as this, you can utilize this method if you do not want to eat the skin as you can discard the skin in the same way as you would discard an eggshell after eating. 

Another method of cutting up a kiwi fruit that you can utilize, especially if you are happy to keep the skin on, is to cut off the very top and bottom of the kiwi fruit so that both ends are flat. 

You can then slice the kiwi fruit so that you have a number of kiwi fruit discs to snack on. You can proceed to cut these discs into halves and even quarters if you wish. This would be a great method of cutting kiwi for a fruit salad. 

If you do not want to eat the skin on your kiwi fruit, you can use the same method as above of cutting off the ends of the kiwi fruit. 

However, this time you can place the kiwi fruit upright on one of the ends, and take a sharp knife to slice away the skin. 

Do this as thinly as you can so you can peel it off. This way you will not be wasting any of the kiwis inside. 

With your freshly peeled kiwi, you can then cut it up in any way you wish. This might be a good method for blending into a juice or a smoothie or even using it as a cereal topper. 

This method of cutting up a kiwi is also the best method to utilize if you do not want to eat the hairy skin. 

Of course, there is no right or wrong way to cut and eat a kiwi, and certainly, all of the methods above will yield the same delicious results. 

You should choose the method that best suits you, and consider what would be easiest in regards to how you wish to consume the kiwi. What we mean by this is that if you want to eat the skin you could use any of the methods above and just keep the skin on. 

However, if you do not want to eat the skin you could try the first method of scooping out the kiwi or simply try the peeling method. 

Can you eat the hairy part of a kiwi?

Yes! Believe it or not, you can definitely eat the hairy part of the kiwi. In fact, it is actually recommended that you do so since it is packed full of fiber and contains even more vitamin C. 

Of course, the texture will not be enjoyable for everyone, but we promise it is not as tough as you may imagine it to be, and when eaten as part of the whole kiwi, it is barely noticeable. 

In terms of taste, there is not much difference between the fleshy insides of the kiwi and the skin. Give it a try today and you may just be pleasantly surprised. 

Just remember to give it a good wash first. If you really can’t stand the thought of tying the hairy part of the kiwi you can just eat the green inside of it. 

How do you peel the skin off a Kiwi?

To peel the skin off a kiwi fruit you should first cut off the top and bottom of the kiwi fruit so it is flat on both ends, as we stated earlier in the article. 

You can then use either a sharp, serrated knife, or a designated fruit and vegetable peeler, and peel in a downward motion on the whole kiwi fruit, going from one flat end to the other. 

Do this around the whole kiwi fruit until all of the skin has gone. Remember to try and peel as thinly as possible so that you do not waste any of the insides of the kiwi fruit. 

You can then cut up the kiwi fruit in whatever way you wish. Alternatively, you can use the scooping method from earlier in the article where you cut the kiwi fruit in half, widthways, and scoop out each of the insides from the skin.