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Cocoa Krispy Treats shaped as Easter bunny treats
Cocoa Krispie Easter Treat Recipe
Prep Time
45 mins
Cook Time
15 mins
Total Time
1 hr

Each year I try to add a new Easter treat that I can surprise the kids with. This year, I think a Cocoa Krispie Easter Treat Recipe will be perfect.

Course: Dessert, Easter Treats, Holiday Treats
Cuisine: American
Servings: 8
Author: Brandy
  • 6 C. Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies OR Cocoa Pebbles Cereal
  • 6 tbsp. butter cut into chunks
  • 10 oz package of mini marshmallows
  • Large candy eyes
  • Pink Easter grass candy
  • Small pink heart candies you could also substitute pink M&M's
  • Small marshmallows cut in half (ears)
  • Pink sugar crystals
  • Chocolate frosting
  1. Line a 9x13 baking dish with foil (you could also use parchment paper) and spray with non-stick cooking spray. 

  2. Heat the 10 oz of mini marshmallows and 6 tablespoons of butter on low/medium heat, stirring occasionally. 

  3. Once the marshmallows have melted about 3/4, stir in the chocolate cereal until completely coated. 

  4. Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and use the back of the spoon to evenly press down.  

  5. Let set up for a few hours.  

  6. Use the cookie cutter to cut out as many bunny shapes as your can and set aside

  7. Attach the round frosting tip to the piping bag and fill with chocolate frosting. 

  8. Give each bunny 2 large candy eyes by squeezing a small dab of chocolate frosting on the back and pressing them onto the bunny. 

  9. Take 2 small marshmallow halves and dip the sticky side into the pink sugar crystals. Squeeze a small dab of frosting on the back of the marshmallow half and place on the bunny's ears so it's stays in place. 

  10. Squeeze a small dab of chocolate frosting on the back of the small heart candy for the bunny's nose. 

  11. Lastly, use the kitchen scissor to cut whiskers from the pink Easter grass - about 1" long. Dab a small amount of frosting on the ends and place on the bunny's face.

  12. Repeat with all the bunny's. 

Recipe Notes

You will also need:

  1. Foil or parchment paper
  2. Non-stick cooking spray
  3. Bunny shaped cookie cutter
  4. Small round frosting tip
  5. Disposable piping bag

Nutrition calories are only figured on cereal, marshmallows and butter.  Other candy decorations will adjust the calorie count.