Best Affordable Juicer [2021]

These days, you can get just about any juice you’d like in a bottle or a carton, ready to pop in the fridge… but isn’t there just something really satisfying about waking up in the morning and making yourself some freshly squeezed OJ?

Over the past few years, juicing has taken the health world by storm, with many choosing to follow fad cleanses – whilst these aren’t scientifically proven to be good for you, the juice that you drink certainly is. It’s just liquid vitamins!

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Choosing a juicer that doesn’t cost the Earth, but is affordable without being cheap and poorly functioning, can be difficult… unless you leave it to us! We’ve picked out five of the best and most budget friendly for you to take a look at.

For more information about the components of a quality juicer, as well as some of the differences between the types of unit available, check out the Buyer’s Guide below. It’s a consolidation of our research, presented clearly and concisely.

Last but not least, if you have a particular query or concern, you may find the answer you’re looking for in our set of Frequently Asked Questions right at the end. Taken from fellow juice fans, it’s possible your wonderings will be among them!

Feeling Thirsty? Here’s Our Top Pick:

Best Affordable Juicers

1. Hamilton Beach Pro Centrifugal Juicer Machine

Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine, Big Mouth Large 3” Feedchute, Easy to Clean, Centrifugal, BPA Free, 800W (67608A), SilverPin

As a trustworthy manufacturer of quality home appliances that don’t break the bank, Hamilton Beach was a shoe-in for our top spot in the affordable juicer category. It also happens that their juicer is fantastic, so this was a very easy decision.

Thanks to its extra-large, three inch feeding chute, you can fit entire pieces of fruit or vegetables in the mouth of this juicer, meaning you’ll have enough room for an entire apple or orange at once, as well as having to spend less time pre-chopping!

Boasting a powerful 800 watt motor, you’ll be able to turn even the densest of your favorite foods into a smooth, delicious juice within a matter of seconds, without losing as much of the good stuff as you normally would with a centrifugal model.

Maintenance is easy – all of the small and tricky parts are simple to remove, as well as being dishwasher safe. Whip ‘em out, give them a nice hot blast, and voila! Your juicer is brand new again. Plus, they’re made from non-toxic, BPA free materials. 

If the affordable price tag worries you, then perhaps you will take comfort in the complete three year warranty on every purchase, which allows you a replacement in the event of an issue, as well as access to their dedicated USA-based support team.


  • Affordable without being low-quality
  • Powerful 800w motor for fast, efficient juicing
  • 3 inch feeding chute fits whole fruits and veggies at once
  • Easy to assemble with an extra large pulp bin 


  • Not great for leafy greens like kale and spinach
Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine, Big Mouth Large 3” Feedchute, Easy to Clean, Centrifugal, BPA Free, 800W (67608A), Silver
  • Healthy, homemade juice in seconds. Juice a variety of fruits and vegetables. Juicer is easy to assemble with extra-large pulp bin. Juice cup not included
  • 3 year limited from the best-selling juice extractor brand. Includes access to dedicated U. S. customer support team of Hamilton beach employees
  • Easy to clean: Removable parts are dishwasher safe and BPA free
  • Extra-large 3 inch feed chute fits whole fruits and vegetables. Fit a whole apple, a peeled orange or a handful of kale. Less pre-cutting, and more continuous juicing for fresh fruit juice, vegetable juice, or nutrient packed celery juice
  • Powerful electric motor for maximum juice: 800w of power can turn a dense beet into smooth juice in seconds

2. Orfeld Slow Masticating Juicer Machine

Orfeld Juicer Machines Vegetable and Fruit, Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Easy to Clean, BPA-Free, Quiet motor and Reverse Function, Cold Press Juicer for Carrots, Oranges and Celery etcPin

As a masticating juicer under a hundred dollars, we were skeptical about the Orfeld unit… until we read the customer reviews! This baby is capable of 90% juice yield using its slow speed, 80RPM motor to ensure every inch of the fruit is squeezed.

With two unique speeds, you can distinguish between hard and soft foods in order to reduce waste, prevent over-processing and produce the smoothest juice possible. This also makes things a little faster if you’re in a hurry and need to go go go.

Running at less than 60 decibels, the Orfeld is a lot quieter than other juicers on the market, allowing you to whip up juice at any time – day or night – without disturbing the rest of the house or giving yourself a headache.

An integrated Japanese intelligence chip ensures that the juicer automatically stops every twenty minutes in order to cool down and ensure a longer service life. This is very useful, but can also be stressful if you forget or are making a lot of juice!

One button dismantling means you can disassemble and clean all detachable parts, all of which have been made from high quality, food-grade materials, making them completely dishwasher safe. The free cleaning brush is great for getting into corners!


  • Two speeds and reverse function for total juicing control
  • Slow, steady extraction to achieve 90% juice yield
  • 304 Stainless Steel housing – durable and corrosion resistant
  • Detachable, easy to clean with dishwasher-safe parts


  • Could do with a strainer to get rid of the tiny bits of pulp that do survive the mastication process
Orfeld Juicer Machines Vegetable and Fruit, Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Easy to Clean, BPA-Free, Quiet motor and Reverse Function, Cold Press Juicer for Carrots, Oranges and Celery etc
  • 【90% Juice Yield & Retain Nutrition】With 7 spiral masticating fully squeeze the fruits and vegetables, which can generate up to 90% juice yield, higher than most juicer that only extracts 80%-85% juice yield. An 80rpm low-speed motor ensures minimal oxidation and most nutrition, give you or your lover a healthier life.
  • 【Unique 2 Speed Modes】 Different from most juicers, orfeld cold press juicer with soft/hard 2-speed, which can extract all kinds of fibrous fruits and vegetables, meet your different demands. The reverse function can reduce food residues in masticating juicer and avoid clogging.
  • 【Safe & Quiet Operation】Less than 60 dB, you can prepare morning drinks without disturbing your lover and kids. Equipped with a Japanese intelligent protection chip, masticating juicer would automatically stop working every 20 minutes to ensure longer service life.
  • 【Easy to Assemble & Clean】One button assemble design allows you to take the juicer apart in seconds. You can easily disassemble and clean them. All detachable parts are made of high-quality food-grade materials and dishwasher-safe. With the provided cleaning brush you can clean the juicer machine easily.
  • 【12-months Warenty】Save Your Money for Drinking Juice One Year, Give Yourself a Boost of Energy and Get Healthier Skin to Keep Fit. ORFELD Team Provides a 1-year Warranty and 10-year Tech Support.

3. AI 3 Speed Centrifugal Juicer for Fruits and Veggies

Juicer, Juice Extractor, Aicook Juicer Machine with 3'' Wide Mouth, 3 Speed Centrifugal Juicer for Fruits and Vegs, with Non-Slip Feet, BPA-FreePin

Don’t let the fact that this is the most affordable juicer on our list throw you off – the reviews clearly indicate that this 3 Speed unit from AI is an impressive, budget-friendly unit that offers superior value for money.

Promising to extract up to 26% more juice and 36% more vitamins and minerals than competing products, in just a few seconds you’ll have a perfectly extracted cup of juice with very little foaming or pulp present.

Thanks to the three inch wide feeding cavity, you’ll be able to completely cut out any prep work and juice entire fruits and vegetables completely whole. Save yourself a whole lot of time and effort but still get plenty of juice!

Offering three speeds for you to choose between – low, medium and high – it is capable of managing soft leafy greens like kale just as successfully as it crushes harder foods like apples and cucumbers. Versatile and inexpensive.

Those who are uncertain about purchasing from a lesser known brand – the three year warranty and lifetime access to customer support should be enough to indicate that AI believes you’ll be fully satisfied. If not, you’ll come to a quick, easy solution.


  • Quiet operation, with non-slip feet to reduce unwanted vibrations
  • Large capacity of feeding tube and pulp bucket
  • 360 degree Stainless Steel Precision Filter
  • 3 adjustable speeds


  • Reviews indicate that cleaning can be difficult
Juicer, Juice Extractor, Aicook Juicer Machine with 3'' Wide Mouth, 3 Speed Centrifugal Juicer for Fruits and Vegs, with Non-Slip Feet, BPA-Free
  • Health gurus - extracts up to 26% more juice and 36% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers. Only A few seconds, you can drink a cup of juice with little pulp and foam.
  • Big timesaver - 3'' Wide Feed fit whole fruits & vegetables, without slicing and chopping, completely Liberate your hand. Reducing prep time to get the delicious juice.
  • 3 speed design - "p" To the fastest speed, "I" Low speed, "II" Fast speed. 3-Speed control Maximizes juice yield from soft, leafy greens and hard fruits. Diy fresh and delicious juice for you and your family.
  • Easy to clean - equipped with a special brush to make cleaning more easier and faster and can be rinsed directly with water. All materials that come in contact with food are Bpa-Free.
  • Safety protection - prevent the juicer from operating without the cover locked into place. Overload protection automatically shutting the machine down when it senses that the machine is overloaded.

4. KOIOS Slow Masticating Juicer

KOIOS Juicer, Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor with Reverse Function, Cold Press Juicer Machine with Quiet Motor, Juice Jug and Brush for High Nutrie (Red-Black)Pin

Another masticating juicer that’s on the reasonable end of the price spectrum, this time from KOIOS, we present an incredibly high-tech, beautiful juicer that looks every bit as good as the delicious drinks it produces.

Made from a strong, durable plastic known as polyethylene (PEI), the juicing tools are ideal for use in high-pressure situations, rotating at 80 RPM to maximize the total amount of juice produced and retain as many nutrients as possible.

Completely BPA free, with no sharp points or blades involves, even your kids can safely use this juicer (though we would still recommend full supervision) – the narrow hoppers mean they can’t reach inside to hurt themselves either!

Simple to assemble, the chamber-style mechanism consists of an auger, juice strainer, spinning brush and AC motor – working to delicately compress your fruits and veggies and make the least noise possible. It easily comes apart to clean too!

In comparison to other models, however, the feeding tube is particularly narrow, which means that you need to pre-slice the majority of the fruits and veggies you’ll want to use in order to make them fit. That’s the only downside, though!


  • Slow, masticating juicer at a budget-friendly price
  • High juice yield and better retaining of nutrients
  • BPA-free food grade materials – FDA certified
  • Three years warranty and lifelong customer service


  • Smaller than average feeding tube – cannot use whole fruits/vegetables
KOIOS Juicer, Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor with Reverse Function, Cold Press Juicer Machine with Quiet Motor, Juice Jug and Brush for High Nutrie (Red-Black)
  • 【Multi-application】: masticating juicer can extract all kinds of fibrous fruits and vegetables, such as celery, ginger, leafy greens, carrot, apples, oranges, etc. It is a worth investing for a comfortable family to purchase this masticating juicer Extractor.
  • 【Quiet and convenient】: the juicer is less than 60Db when working. And it is easy to assemble, operate, and clean, dishwasher-safe parts make clean up a breeze. You will enjoy a quiet environment and healthy life when making juice, thanks to the perfect design.
  • 【Higher nutritional value】: compared to Centrifugal juicer, the masticating juicer keeps the minerals, enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals and nutrients from being destroyed. It is the best to keep minimal oxidation, low heat build-up, less foaming and no clogging.
  • 【Higher juicer yield】: compared to Centrifugal juicers, slow juicer is higher juice yield by the auger squeezing and reverse function. You will get really taste, so delicious, flavourful, rich, and concentrated due to the juice Extractor.
  • 【What you get】: slow juicer adopts advanced technology and is made of baby food grade BPA-free materials. Our motor is covered by a 10 years. The remaining parts are covered by a 3 years. Etl, FDA Certification. And we provide lifelong technical consultation and customer service.

5. Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Centrifugal Juicer


Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Centrifugal Juicer, SilverPin

Last but not least, we have one of Breville’s more affordable contributions to the world of juicing, the BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact. Heavy duty, yet petite, the centered knife blade assembly makes even centrifugal juicing high-yield.

Operating at 14,000 RPM, the powerful 700 watt motor delivers maximum extraction; though it contains very sharp blades, the safety locking arm means the juicer cannot operate without a cover and the handle locked in a vertical position. Kid-proof!

With an extra large, centered three inch feed tube, you can fit whole fruits and veggies in there no problem; surrounded by italian micro mesh, the stainless steel cutting disc extracts up to 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins, on average.

All removable parts are completely dishwasher safe for easy maintenance, and you’ll even receive a complimentary custom cleaning brush to make reaching those deep crevices easy. Keep your juicer in tip top condition for longer!

A built in separator means that even the frothiest fruits and veggies can make a perfect glass of juice; this is integrated within the juice pouring jug, which means you don’t need to worry about spillages. Just grab a glass and pour – it’s that simple!


  • Unique titanium reinforced extraction system with micro mesh filter
  • Extra wide feeding chute for juicing whole fruits and veggies
  • Built in pouring jug with integrated froth separator
  • Shortened prep time, smaller counter footprint


  • Cleanup can be tedious because of the unit’s compact design
Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Centrifugal Juicer, Silver
  • Heavy duty compact juice fountain with centered knife blade assembly
  • 700 watt motor operates at 14,000 RPM for maximum extraction ; Safety Locking Arm: Juicer will not operate without juicer cover in place and safely locking arm in place in the vertical operating position; Pulp Container Capacity: 1.6 quart Pulp Container
  • Extra large 3 inch centered feed tube; Heavy Grade Polymer Body, Stainless steel cutting disc surrounded by Italian made micro mesh filter to extract upto 30 percent more juice and 40 percent more vitamins
  • Dishwasher safe parts; custom cleaning brush included; Voltage:110 120 Volts; Power: 700 Watts
  • Measures 10 1/2 by 10 by 16 inches; 1 Year limited Warranty; Collects pulp within the footprint of the unit to conserve counter space

Buyer’s Guide

Masticating Versus Centrifugal Juicers – What’s The Difference?

Being the most commonly available and affordable, you’re probably most familiar with centrifugal juicers. These utilize small, round cutting blades which rotate at high speeds to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.

So called for the centrifugal force generated by the constant spinning of the blade, which is able to separate the pulp from the juice, they’re very fast at extracting, so fantastic for those in a hurry or with large families.

Unfortunately, the motion can produce a lot of noise, and the process of centrifugal juicing yields less actual juice overall as it also produces a wet pulp. Moving so quickly can also lead to foaming and separation, which makes for lumpy juice!

For those looking for the absolute best, consider a masticating juicer, which effectively uses a chewing motion to produce juice. By slowly, delicately compressing instead of pulverizing, more juice is squeezed, and it is of a higher quality.

Although the quantity and quality of juice gained from the mastication method are greatly improved, this comes at a cost – depending on the brand, you can find yourself paying upwards of 200 dollars or more for a decent unit.

That being said, the process is a lot quieter than that of a centrifugal model, and there’s also very little separation and foaming of the juice in general. The higher price tag may also mean there are other included features, e.g making nut milk.

Features to Consider:


Can you completely disassemble the juicer in order to clean it, or do you have to figure out a way to avoid all of the internal components to get in every nook and cranny? Are any removable parts dishwasher friendly, or hot soapy water only?

These are the things you probably didn’t think about considering, but definitely should. The best way to make sure your new juicer lasts is to take care of it properly, but that’s a lot easier to do if the juicer can be properly dismantled without a fuss.


As we’ve already mentioned above, some juicers are a lot… louder than others. If you’re particularly sensitive to grinding and whirring, it might be worth committing the extra cash for a quiet masticating juicer. 

That being said, the noisier juicers also tend to work more quickly, so it’s about making a compromise – do you want to get your juice fast, with some grating sound effects, or a lot more s l o w l y, in a peaceful manner, with more nutrients.


In this context, size definitely matters. Firstly, you need to make sure the unit itself is going to be able to fit in your kitchen and you’ll have room out on the counter for it – unless you’re more of a put in a cupboard until you need it kind of person.

Not only that, but the width of the juicer’s mouth determines how large the fruit and vegetables it can successfully fit are, as well as how quickly you get your juice; its overall capacity for liquids impacts how much juice you can make at once, too.


We’ve already covered the basics – masticating juicers slow, centrifugal juicers fast. However, some models come with multiple speed settings, allowing you to choose between preserving nutrients or arriving at the moment where you drink it quicker.

As a compromise for opting for a centrifugal unit, you could aim to pick one with multiple speeds, which at least affords you the option of running things a little slower than usual, rather than going from zero to one hundred and back again.

Some units even have a reverse function, which allows you to run the blade or augur backwards and successfully remove all of that unwanted pulp. This is especially useful if you prefer a juice that’s as thin and chunk-free as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to drink fresh orange juice every day?

There’s nothing wrong with doing so, no, provided it’s not a giant glass! That being said, although fresh orange juice has a whole heap of health benefits, it is also high in sugars and citric acid, which in high quantities can be bad for your teeth!

You don’t have to give up your daily OJ, though. Just make sure you’re drinking a sensible amount and keeping on top of your dental hygiene, so you don’t experience any unpleasant side effects, like a cavity.

It could be worth adding a little water to your orange juice, just to make it a little less aggressively acidic, but that’s entirely up to you. Dilution won’t get rid of any of that sugar, though!

Are masticating or centrifugal juicers better?

Otherwise known as ‘cold press’ machines, a masticating juicer works slowly to produce high quality juice, extracting a great deal more of the goodness from your fruits and veggies and leaving you with more fluid ounces in general.

They do a better job of juicing, but they can also be a great deal more expensive; centrifugal juicers might not get as much out for you, but they’ll certainly do it quickly, so those in a hurry might prefer to opt for a unit with a little speed.

Is it better to juice or blend?

That depends! If you’re using a centrifugal juicer, you are automatically missing out on some of the health benefits of the fruits and veggies involved, simply because not all of the juice is extractable from this method. Unless you… eat the wet pulp.

With a masticating blender you’re able to yield a lot more juice and most if not all of the nutritional values, simply doing away with the indigestible fiber. This makes it much easier for your body to break down and absorb all of the goodness!

That being said, blending means you get to keep the indigestible fiber, retaining some of the nutrients that juicing gets rid of, even if you’re masticating. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better as a concept, though! It’s more of a personal choice.